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The Web-based PSES includes My Print Manager, Account Manager, Authentication Manager, My Panel Manager and Net Care Device Manager, and systematically links applications, integrating and sharing them seamlessly on one server. This results in much easier operation and better-integrated management. The i-Option function was designed to offer users and administrators the ability to increase the possibilities of their office MFPs.

 account manager  

The Account Manager regularly collects counter information from connected devices and aggregates the data into overall output statistics. All the collected raw data can be flexibly broken down and combined into easy-to-read tables and graphics.

my print manager

My Print Manager enhances printing security and flexibility by the simple “ubiquitous print” mechanism. Users can release documents from any managed device, without having to check the nearest device when sending their print job.


Authentication Manager controls authentication data for multiple MFPs on a network and enables the simple and efficient setting of authentication data in real time. This helps to integrate and streamline user management.

my panel manager

My Panel Manager gives users the ability to individually customise the contents and settings of the operation panels of bizhub devices, including creating shortcuts, custom menus, individual settings, and private address books.

net care device

Net Care Device Manager is a freeware application that simplifies MFP setup and routine maintenance. It allows system administrators to efficiently create initial settings for devices managed by PSES, and streamlines device control.

i option

i-Option functions are available in LK-101 and LK-102 types, and in an LK-103 type that combines the LK-101 and LK-102. LK-101 enables the use of general-purpose Web browser functions from the MFP control panel without a PC. It also includes an Image Panel function that allows intuitive data handling.LK-102 allows the user to add a PDF encryption function using a password or digital signature.

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