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Product Highlights

  • Output Size:-   SRA3
  • Output Type:-   Colour

Recommended User

  • Print Volume:-   CRDs ; Med small commercial printers; Print-for-pay(PFP); digital printers
  • Recommended Usage   High/Low end digital press; Banner duplex

Copy Speed(A4/Letter Crosswise)

  • c3080

Maximum operation rate in production as a production printer is pursued

Konica Minolta’s new system opens upthe light print production segment


Constantly provides high quality prints with fewer manual settings and less human errors

  • Automated colour tone/front-to-back registration
  • Batch adjustment of density/colour tone
  • Automatic creation of printer profiles
  • Skill-less operation
  • Measurement/input work is no longer necessary

High Quality & Productivity

Realises both stable quality and high productivity at a time

  • Output speed as high as 81ppm (A4 landscape)
  • High-speed auto-duplex scanner with highest scan speed (240ipm) in its class
  • Real-time monitoring and adjustment of colour tone/front-to-back registration
  • Real-time curl adjustment
  • Automated post-processing using highly functional finisher options


High-level system configuration to support high performance

  • Controller can be selected from four models according to function, cost and workflow
  • Linkage with AccurioPro series workflow solution makes it possible to establish an efficient workflow
  • Linkage with JETvarnish series allows providing high value-added print products that can differentiate itself


High media compatibility to expand the print service domain

  • 350gsm thick paper compatibility
  • Air suction system for reliable feeding of thick paper
  • Paper length compatible with banner printing is extended to 1,300mm
  • Auto-duplex printing capability of max. 762mm long paper is newly incorporated
  • Supports long run banner printing
  • Reliable transport and high quality envelope printing at lower cost with envelope dedicated fusing unit
  • Enhanced paper catalogues


Compatible with a wide range of paper thickness and length for expansion of the print services

In addition to normal print jobs, AccurioPress flexibly supports various print jobs including 350gsm thick paper and maximum 1,300mm banner printing as well as auto duplex banner printing and low cost, stable envelope printing. The enhanced capability to handle a variety of print jobs contributes to expansion of new services and business opportunities.

Supports wide range of paper weight

Thick paper printing up to 350gsm

Capable of 350gsm thick paper printing. In addition to sample package printing, print service variations are expanded to include tags, DM, stand menus and sales promotion tools.

Optimum use of paper with multiple imposition

A3 full-bleed printing

AccurioPress is compatible with a maximum paper size of 330 x 487mm and a maximum printing area of 323 x 480mm. As well, of course, as full-bleed A3 size printing with registration marks, the system is also capable of duplex A4 printing with registration marks.

Reliable paper feeding

Air suction paper feed system *Optional

The [PF-707 M] is a paper feeder unit that incorporates a suction function. In addition to the air-assist function that blows air from the sides and front to separate sheets, the sheet is adsorbed onto the suction belt for reliable conveyance. Optimised air control matched to the paper type realises stable feeding of thick paper that causes a higher conveying load, offset-printed sheets and coated sheets.

High speed printing with dedicated fusing unit

Envelope printing *Optional

Using an Envelope-dedicated Fusing Unit [EF-103], stable and high quality envelope printing is achieved, even when performing high speed printing. In addition, inexpensive, center-glued universal envelopes can be used thanks to less difference in glossiness on the overlapped area, contributing to a reduction of overall printing cost as well.

Further enhanced banner printing function (option)

Class-leading banner printing capability

1,300mm banner printing

Banner printing capability of 1,200mm, which is already the longest in its class, is enhanced to accept 1,300mm. With this capability, it is now possible to print A4 or letter size 6-up on the sheet, making it possible to provide unique print materials for catalogues, pamphlets and sales promotion tools, as well as impressive posters.

Enhanced banner printing capability

Auto duplex banner printing

An auto duplex banner printing function is available that can accept a maximum of 762mm long, allowing efficient print work for the production of A4/letter size tri-fold menus, pamphlets and catalogues.

Supports high volume banner printing

Large capacity feeding of both normal and banner formats

Mounting a Large Capacity Feed Unit [LU-202XLm] compatible with banner paper and a Banner Printing Kit [MK-740m]*1 enables continuous feeding of banner paper. As the result of enhanced output unit, continuous output of a maximum 1,000 banner sheets*2 is made possible, which produces substantial efficiency in printing of large volumes of book covers, etc. In addition, the Large Capacity Feed Unit can be connected to 3-tray Paper Feed Unit [PF-707m], allowing a volume printing of normal format as well. Flexible handling of various jobs is made possible.

*1 To be connected to Multi-Bypass Feed Unit [MB-508]
*2 Max. 762mm long

PF-707m MB-508+MK-740m LU-202XLm
Normal format Max. 4,630 sheets Max. 250 sheets Max. 2,500 sheets
Banner (max. 762mm) Max. 1,000 sheets
Banner (max. 1,300mm) Max. 10 sheets

High Quality

Stably provides high quality prints featured by top-level image quality and highly accurate print positioning

High image quality is realised by Konica Minolta’s unique technology through faithfully facing the high-level needs in digital print market. Colour fluctuation is controlled within the minimum under various condition, which ensures stable and beautiful finish for the first through to the last prints. High image quality that brings higher value of printed material generates advantages for the print services.

Cutting-edge image processing technology

S.E.A.D. V

Enhanced Konica Minolta’s Image processing technology S.E.A.D. V backed up with new generation of image processing ASIC and fully automated colour adjustment functions promise to provide print products with the best quality.

Selectable screens according to the application

High quality screens

Equipped with a total of 12 types of screen, 6 dot screens, 3 line screens and 3 stochastic (FM) screens, the system can be matched to applications and purpose such as proof output, photograph printing and moire suppression.

High quality with energy-saving

Simitri HDE Toner

A 3D hybrid structure that contains functional polymers ensures a high level of compatibility with various types of media and enables realisation of ideal natural textures. In addition, it requires only a small amount of heat for fusing, significantly reducing power consumption.

Highly accurate registration adjustment

Image rotation & skew correction functions

In addition to print position adjustment on the front and rear of the sheet and image zooming on the rear side, image rotation and skew correction functions are also supported, which enables even greater ease of adjustment for items such as business cards, shop cards and tickets which require a high level of front-to-back registration accuracy.

Superb small text & thin line quality

Line thinning & contour enhancement technologies

AccurioPress is furnished with a line-thinning processing function to improve phenomena such as thickening of characters and outline-character blurring, and with a contour enhancement processing function that improves raggedness of dot-background outline characters and characters in intermediate colours to realise top-class level character quality and legibility.

Simple & quick paper setting

Ample paper catalogue

Default settings are provided for various types of paper and additional settings can be registered to meet every need. Simple settings and user-friendly search functions contribute to easy setup and efficient production.

Controls colour fluctuation and registration error in the minimum to maintain high quality prints

Stable colour reproduction

Real-time image stabilisation control

This function controls image stability in short intervals during continuous printing by detecting density correction patches and dot diameter correction patches created on the intermediate transfer belt with the IDC sensor, delivering stable high quality for a wide range of densities through 2 types of density calibration.

*Operates only when the image stability priority setting is enabled.

Consistent image positioning

High precision registration mechanism

A registration swing mechanism capable of highly accurate detection of paper misalignment and skew helps realise professional and accurate finish of duplex printing, which is in high demand in following processes, including trimming and bookbinding. The mechanism also automatically corrects paper-feeding misalignment in the main unit tray, contributing to both improved quality and higher productivity.

Highly accurate and automated tone correction

Auto-calibration system *Optional

An output paper density adjustment function to correct gradation density to match output paper characteristics is equipped on the optional Relay Unit [RU-518] . Adjustments are performed using the paper actually used to enable accurate gradation adjustment matched to paper characteristics. A mode that measures secondary colour (RGB) and tertiary colour (tri-colour gray) in addition to CMYK as target colours has been added to further enhance accuracy.

Stabilised developer

Auto-refining developing system

A new carrier is supplied together with the toner to refresh the carrier in the developer, stabilising the developer condition to maintain high image quality throughout the system lifetime. The longer developer life also minimises downtime.


Less human touch & less human error Intelligent Quality Optimiser [IQ-501] (optional)

The Intelligent Quality Optimiser [IQ-501] enables automated colour management and front-to-back registration adjustment. Since there is no need for measurement or numerical input, as in the past, high quality print products are constantly available with fewer manual settings and less human errors. In addition, high quality is maintained thanks to real-time monitoring and adjustments during printing, contributing not only to cost reduction with less waste but also to improve customer trust.

High-precision colour and registration adjustments prior to printing

Automated colour and front-to-back registration adjustments

Automatic adjustment of maximum density, density balance, gradation, gray balance and front-to-back registration is now realised, significantly reducing adjustment time that is an unwanted extra on net production time, and contributing to the printing operation rate, which directly affects profits. There is no need for measurement or numerical input, as in the past. The IQ-501 provides high quality print products with skill-less operation thanks to an environment that does away with quality problems caused by measurement or input errors.

Equipped with two scanners, the IQ-501 implements real-time correction through one-pass including auto-correction of colour and front-to-back registration. In addition, hybrid colourimetry using a Konica Minolta’s reputable spectrophotometer enables highly accurate colour correction.

  • Packaged Auto Colour Adjustment

Various adjustments including gamma, maximum density, density balance, gradation and gray balance are automatically performed in one step operation. Items for the packaged adjustment are selectable. Performing adjustments required for daily operation in one step allows highly precise adjustments to be completed in a short time without bothering the operator.

Automated printer profile creation and colour verification

Automatic printer profile creation

Printer profiles that previously required time-consuming manual work are now effortlessly created using the IQ-501. Colour profiles that need to be created for each paper type are now automatically created without requiring special skills. In addition, the IQ-501 is equipped with a function to verify the colour setting of the created profile.

Day-to-day/machine-to-machine colour control as well as daily quality control during print operation are automated

Maintaining the best quality during printing

Real-time colour & registration monitoring and correction

Colour tone and front-to-back registration, etc. are monitored and automatically corrected in real time without degrading productivity. As a result, colour fluctuations and registration misalignment are controlled to a minimum, which helps provide high quality print products in a stable manner. Stable results are ensured in printing of company logos for which the colour stability is essential, and cards, page numbers of booklet and ruled lines for which accurate positioning is essential. In addition, print waste caused by instable colour and registration is minimised, contributing not only to cost reduction but also to improve customer trust.

CMYK and RGB+gray(3C) are alternately printed on the margin of the printed sheets. In addition, registration marks are automatically printed on both sides of the sheet to check registration.

Linkage with cloud-based colour management system

AccurioPro Cloud Eye *Scheduled in 2018

Konica Minolta’s cloud colour management system enables centralised colour management of printers at multiple locations (in-house offices and factories, affiliates’ facilities, etc.) via cloud. The colour reproduction of all connected printers, of wide-ranging models, is accurately monitored without requiring special skills.

Problems with separate colour management in each location
Lack of consistency due to differences in judgment criteria, setting methods, etc. More total time spent communicating, managing and checking.
Centralised colour management for multiple locations via cloud

High Productivity

Maximising the operation rate in production responds to various jobs in a speedy manner

Output speed as high as 81ppm (A4) is realised. In addition, thanks to an overall increase in production time purely for printing including adoption of a high speed dual colour scanner and decrease in adjustment time using Intelligent Quality Optimiser, contribution to high volume print jobs and shorter turnaround is enhanced.

Instantaneous power to boost productivity

High speed output capable of 81ppm (A4)

Output speed is increased by approximately 14% (71ppm » 81ppm) for A4 size and approximately 18% for A3 size in comparison to existing models.
It maintains constant speed up to 216 gsm, contributing to productivity.

* For the case of C3080

Scanning speed as high as 240 opm

High speed dual scan colour scanner *Optional

High speed scanning at 240 opm*1 is possible for both monochrome and colour originals by simultaneously scanning both sides through one pass. With a stack capacity of a maximum of 300 sheets*2, digitisation of documents is performed in a speedy way. In addition, the addition of a double-feed detector on the machine allows efficient work with fewer errors.

*1 When A4 at 300dpi
*2 64gsm paper
* Attachable to C3080

High volume paper supply for minimum downtime

Large capacity paper feeding & stacking

Connecting a 3-tray Paper Feed Unit [PF-707m]*1 in tandem in addition to the main unit tray with a paper-feeding capacity of 1,500 sheets realises a maximum paper-feeding capacity of 15,390 sheets. An efficient print work is realised even in a high-volume printing by reducing the time and effort for paper replenishment. In addition, connecting two units of Large Capacity Stacker [LS-506]*1 in series allows stacking a large volume stack as much as 10,000 sheets.
Finished documents can be taken out with the cart as they are for ease of transport to the next process.

  • Large Capacity Output Tray [OT-510]*1

Output tray to accept maximum 4,200 sheets stack. Abundant paper stack capacity helps improve the efficiency in the off-line workflow where post-processing is a main work.

*1 Optional * All capacities are calculated based on 80gsm

Curl correction function realises both quality improvement and efficient post-processing at the same time (option)

Curl adjustment without downtime

Real-time curl correction

Real-time curl correction is made possible by adding a Relay Unit [RU-518] to the system. Curl can be adjusted very precisely in 20 steps. This provides flat surface prints without interrupting print operation, and reduces the workload and waste in post-processing.

Improves workability in the post-processing

Hybrid curl adjustment

The hybrid decurling mechanism using two functions can be configured by adding a Humidifier Kit [HM-103] to the Relay Unit [RU-518] on which a mechanical decurler is already mounted in standard. The humidifying function cools down the sheet that was heated in the fusing unit, and provides moisture lost from the sheet back to reduce the stiffness for effective curl adjustment. This not only corrects the curl but also provide an expectation for removal of static electricity, which substantially contributes to the work efficiency in off-line post processing.
The replenishing water for the humidifier is easily supplied from upper part of the RU-518 during printing.

Inline Finishing

Efficient post-processing is enabled with high-spec in-line finishers (optional)

A wide range of in-line options matched to such applications as saddle-stitching, perfect binding of the thickest pages in its class and various folding functions to satisfy different needs is available. High-quality post-processing meeting professional specifications is efficiently achieved with superb operability, which generates substantial advantages for cost and turnaround in the full-scale in-house production.

New Options to enhance Job Flexibility Quality Stabilization with RU -518

  • Straight paper path: Reduces scratch problems and capable of envelope printing.
  • Real-time de-curling: Curl adjustments during printing without downtime.
  • Hybrid De-curling: Mechanical de-curl + Moisture de-curl eliminate static problem.
  • Easy operation: Improved water replenishing operation for HM-103.
  • Purge tray: Compatible with 1,300mm banner paper and jammed paper purging.

Inline finishing with SD-510(optional) with FS-532

  • Able to fold & staple, multi half fold, multi tri fold and then
  • Capability to handle media of 50 to 216 gsm

For small lot manual and catalogue

Saddle-Stitcher [SD-506]

Capable of saddle-stitch bookbinding of up to 200 pages (80gsm) and furnished as standard with an fore-edge trimming function, multi centre folding and multi tri-folding functions.

Standard class finishers

Finisher [FS-531/FS-612]

The FS-531 is capable of side stitching of a maximum of 50 sheets (80gsm), in addition to a side-stitching function, FS-612 is furnished with a saddle-stitching function and 2 types of folding functions for a maximum paper size of SRA3. If necessary, the system can be expanded to include functions for tasks such as punching and cover sheet insertion.

*1 FS-612 only
*2 With PK-511 installed
*3 With PI-502 installed

Space-economical, all-in-one stapler

Finisher [FS-532]

The stapling finisher with staple cutter is capable of stapling up to 100*1 sheets. Three sub-options can be mounted to expand the system to enable saddle-stitching, post-insertion and punching, making it possible to perform multiple operations in a small space.

*1 Max. 50 sheets for A3 *2 With SD-510 installed

*3 With PK-522 installed *4 With PI-502 installed

Booklet making up to 600 pages

Perfect Binder [PB-503]

Perfectly binds up to 600 pages or up to 30mm thick. Cardstock up to 216 gsm can be used for the cover to realise high-quality bookbinding through advanced paper alignment. In addition, use of Multi-Folding Unit [FD-503] enables insertion of Z fold sheets while perfect binding is in process. This enables flexible bookbinding work owing to the ability to insert A3 size drawing sheets in booklets such as reports and manuals.

*1 With FD-503 installed

Furnished with various folding functions

Multi-Folding Unit [FD-503]

Capable of double parallel and gate fold, as well as normal centre fold, tri-fold, Z fold. Furnished with features useful for producing DMs such as a wide variety of folding functions, and 2- and 3-hole punching functions, as well as a sheet-inserter function capable of setting two different insert sheets.


Selectable controllers and linkage solutions to optimise the printing environment

High-spec controllers to provide efficient operation and stable quality are available to select from depending on the usability. Realisation of optimum workflow using various solution applications in addition to the linkage with AccurioPro Solutions and office machines enables to structure an advanced printing environment that leads to labour-saving.

Featuring high affinity with the advanced job & colour management

Konica Minolta Image Controller [IC-605]

  • Job control/editing is enabled also from the main unit control panel

Allows job management including job ticketing and pagination with intuitive operation. Tone curves can be also adjusted in a similar manner to that of Color Centro. In addition, connecting a USB mouse provides an operational environment similar to a PC.

  • Color Centro (Colour Management Utility)

Equipped with Exact Color, which performs high-precision 3D calibration, realising a major improvement in colour adjustment capability over conventional 1D calibration. Work, editing, setting and other tasks relating to colours matched to the main body can be performed, such as colour adjustment, creation of colour profiles and simulations. These functions are also available for RIP files.

  • AccurioPro Print Manager

Using the web browser, the job management through sophisticated interface is made available. An easy-to-use interface having a high degree of affinity with the main body panel and printer driver supports more efficient operation. In addition, Color Centro also can be started up from this screen, enabling seamless management performance.

  • Equipped with APPE4.2 (optional)

Equipped with Adobe’s APPE 4.2 (Adobe PDF Print Engine 4.2), which directly processes PDF files without having to access a printer driver for appropriate transparent effects.

  • JDF compatibility

Thanks to compatibility with JDF, a standard format for the display and transfer of jobs between printing processes, the operator can use familiar CTP workflow RIPs such as APOGEE, EQUIOS and Prinergy*1 for a hybrid workflow with a seamlessly connected offset printer. Digital printing thus becomes an offset printing option that enables more flexible handling.

*1 “APOGEE” is a product of Agfa-Gevaert N.V. “EQUIOS” is a product of SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd. “Prinergy” is a product of Eastman Kodak Company.

  • AccurioPro HotFolder

AccurioPress is equipped with a hot-folder utility that further enhances work efficiency and is ideal for automatic processing of items such as documents that need to be printed regularly and documents that can only be handled by specific printing processing. The hot-folder utility contributes to reduction of manpower required for job registration as well as of processes need to be performded by the operator.

Controllers with high-spec functions and usability

Fiery Print Controller [IC-313/IC-417]

  • High speed processing & high quality

Realises both RIPping at 1200dpi × 8bit and high speed processing. With a wide range of colour profiles, flexible colour management is made possible.

  • Colour management

IC-313/417 performs colour management for each CMYK, RGB and spot colour space irrespective of the application or file format, making it ideal for colour management matched to purposes such as proofing and production of final deliverables.

  • Equipped with APPE 4.4

Equipped with a new APPE 4.4 (Adobe PDF Print Engine 4.4), which supports transparent effect processing of PDF files as standard*1.

*1 Supported only by [IC-313]

  • Command WorkStation

Efficiently manages jobs from a PC on the two screens of Job Center and Device Center.

Improved affinity with Creo RIP

Creo Print Controller [IC-314] *Optional

The external Creo® IC-314 Print Controller option features advanced colour profiling and destination profiles to spot colours, a complete Pantone GOE library, colour sets and colour print sets, an Easy VIPP file creator, advanced perfect binder support, and full integration with Kodak print systems.

Improves the productivity/cost by optimising the workflow

Job Management Solution

AccurioPro Conductor *Optional

Unified management of multiple printers together with automated operation of various functions helps substantially improve work efficiency, allowing seamless processing of print jobs that are different in profile and purpose. In addition, a function is also available to automatically print only the monochrome pages of the document on a low cost monochrome printer, contributing to a reduction in overall print cost.

Supports the applications capable of linking to office machines

OpenAPI/IWS supported

Supports bizhub Connector that enables linkage to office machines. Adding and registering the application in the main unit allows the operation panel on the main unit to connect to various cloud-based services*1 and SharePoint Server*2, realising a linkage with external services including upload of scanned data and direct print. In addition, incorporated OpenAPI ver. 4.7 allows utilisation of solution applications including authentication, charging and ubiquitous printing, etc.

*1 Google Drive, Gmail, Evernote
*2 SharePoint Server 2007/2010/2013/2016

Ecological Design

  • Energy-saving design

In addition to the energy-saving performance targeted by Simitri HDE, an optimised fusing process reduces fusing temperatures to reduce energy use.

  • Environmentally considerate materials

Using a high combination of recycled resins and bioplastics, resources are effectively used and environmentally considerate materials are actively employed. A lead-free shaft is also adopted to protect the environment as well as the user’s health.

AccurioPress C3080 General Specifications
AccurioPress C3080 General Specifications
Model Name AccurioPress C3080
Colour Support
Console type
Full colour
Resolution scan 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Print 3,600 (Equivalent) x 1,200 dpi
Gradation 8-bit / 256 gradation
CPU Core i5 4570S 2.9 GHz
1 TB x 3
Original Type Sheet, Book, Solid object
Max. Original Size A3 or 11×17
Max. Printing Area 323 mm x 480 mm (Banner paper: 323 mm x 1,295 mm)
Paper Size Standard: SRA3, A3, B4, SRA4, A4, B5, A5, A5S, 13×19, 12×18, 11×17,
9×11, 8 1/2×14, 8 1/2×11, 51/2×81/2S, Tab paper (A4, 81/2×11)
Max. 330 mm x 487 mm, Min. 140 mm x 182 mm*1
Multi-bypass (Option): SRA3, SRA4, A3, B4, A4, B5,
A5, B5S, 13×19, 12×18, 11×17, 8 1/2×11, Postcard
Max. 330 mm x 487 mm, Min. 100 mm x 148 mm
Banner Printing Mode: Length 488 to 1,300 mm
Image Loss Max. 4.0 mm or less for top edge, Max. 4.5 mm or less for bottom edge, Max. 3.0 mm or less for right / left edges
Warm-up Time 390 seconds or less (at room temp 20°C, rated power supply)
First copy
Out Time*2
Black & White 4.0 seconds or less
Full Colour 6.1 seconds or less
Continuous Print Speed
Full Colour/Black & White*3
81/81 pages/min. (A4 landscape)
45/45 pages/min. (A3)
Copy Magnification Fixed Same Magnification 1: 1±0.5% or les
Scaling Up 1: 1.154/1.224/1.414/2.000
Scaling Down 1: 0.866/0.816/0.707/0.500
Preset 3 types
Zoom 25 to 400% (in 0.1% increments)
Tray Capacity Standard: 1,500 sheets (80 gsm) Option: Multi-bypass, 250 sheets (80 gsm)
Paper Weight 62 gsm to 350 gsm (Coated paper: 81 gsm to 350 gsm)
Main Unit: 62 gsm to 216 gsm
PF-707m, MB-506: 62 gsm to 350 gsm
MB-508, PF-602m, LU-202 XLm, LU-202m: 62 gsm to 300 gsm
Continuous Print Count Up to 9,999 sheets
Auto Duplex SRA3, SRA4, A3, B4, A4, B5, A5, B6S, A6S, 13×19, 12×18, 11×17, 9×11, 8 1/2×14, 8 1/2×11, 5 1/2×8 1/2S, Postcard
Max. 330 mm x 487 mm, Min. 100 mm x 148 mm
Paper Weight: 62 gsm to 350 gsm
Paper Output Capacity 150 sheets (with an optional Output Tray OT-511)
Power Source Inch : AC208 to 240V, 24A, 60 Hz
Metric : AC220 to 240V, 25A (EU)/20A (AU), 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Power Consumption Inch: 5,760W or less (Main unit only)
Metric: 6,000W or less (EU)/4,800W or less (AU) (Main unit only)
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 800 mm x 903 mm x 1,076 mm (Main body + Original Cover)
Space Requirements 631 mm or more in the front (for sliding out ADU unit), 200 mm or more from the rear duct, 100 mm or more on the both sides
Weight Approx. 316 kg
*1: To be fed from Tray-2.
*2: When A4 landscape original is scanned on the platen (zoom 100%, Tray-1).
*3: Print speed may vary depending on paper type.
Controller IC-605A IC-313 ver.2.1 IC-417 ver.2.1 IC-314 ver.2.0
Type Built-in main unit (AIO) Server Built-in main unit Server
Manufactured by KM EFI EFI Creo

Intel Core i5 4570S 2.9GHz

12GB (IC-605B) ;
16GB (IC-605B+UK-104)
Intel Core i5 4570S 2.9GHz

Intel Pentium G4400 3.3GHz

Intel Core i7 4790S 3.2GHz

HDD 1TBx3 (IC-605); 1TBx3+500GB
1TB 500GB User: 1TB
Image: 2 TB
System Linux Windows 10 Linux Windows 10
PostScript3 (CPSI3020);PDF
Ver.1.7; TIFF Ver.6 compliant;
PPML Ver.2.2; PCL5c compatible;
PCL XL (PCL6 Ver.3) compatible;
APPE Ver.4.2; PDF/VT Ver.2
PostScript3 (CPSI3020); PDF
Ver.1.7; PPML Ver.3.0; APPE
Ver.4.4; PCL (5,6) emulation
PS3(CPSI3020); PDF
Ver.1.7;PCL (5,6) emulation
PostScript3 (CPSI3020); PDF
Ver.1.7; APPE Ver.3.4; PPML
Ver.2.2; PPML/VDX
Creo VPS; Optimized PS;
SMB, Bonjour
Bonjour, LPR
Bonjour, LPR
TCP/IP, SMB, Bonjour, LPR
Windows 7, 8.1, 10; Windows
Server 2008 (R2), 2012 (R2),
2016 (incl. 64bit version);
MacOSX 10.9-10.13
Windows 7, 8.1, 10; Windows
Server 2008R2, 2012/R2,
2016 ;MacOSX 10.9-10.13
Windows 7, 8.1, 10; Windows Server
2008R2, 2012/R2, 2016 ; MacOSX
Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016
MacOSX 10.8-10.12 (TBD)
Driver PS Plugin, PPD PostScript3 PostScript3 PostScript3

Product appearance, configuration and/ or specifications are subject to change without notice.

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