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Automate document distribution in your organisation Task automation tools

Introducing Dispatcher Phoenix, a document distribution solution from Konica Minolta that lets you customise the process of aggregating, processing, and distributing files. Now even complex tasks can be simplified so that they can be completed at the press of a button. By streamlining document distribution and output, Dispatcher Phoenix lets you spend less time juggling files and more time advancing your organisation’s mission.

Pitfalls of conventional document distribution

  • Improper processing due to human error
  • Concentration of expertise, resulting in disproportional workloads
  • Unnecessarily time- and resource-intensive processes
  • Inability to share information

Dispatcher Phoenix features

  • Precise execution of even complex procedures
  • Visualisation and simplification of processes
  • Streamlining of operations through automation
  • Intuitive searching and sharing



Automate your document workflow with Dispatcher Phoenix foundations


An integrated document workflow solution for state and federal agencies


Advanced document workflow
for professionals


Customisable workflow solution for high volume work environments, complex jobs, and tight deadlines

Production Print

Dispatcher Phoenix Google Drive Connector: direct access to convenient online file storage


Dispatcher Phoenix provides enterprise-level control over documents and business processes


Dispatcher Phoenix mobile: the anywhere, anytime document workflow solution for your mobile workforce


A simple, convenient print release system to improve security, increase efficiency and reduce costs


Solved issues of searchability and management of contract documents all at once. Improved efficiency of computerization of paper-based documents by linking with Box


front-runner in providing cloud solutions" as chosen the unique "document digitalization" solution


Peterbilt, Silver State International Pair with Konica Minolta to Tackle Heavy Scanning Volume


HAMMERmed, First International Customer, Realizes Innovative Scanning Abilities with Dispatcher Phoenix


Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Phoenix Rx Shield is the Right Prescription for Warren General Hospital’s Paper Scripts Dilemma


Konica Minolta Successfully Defends Boston Law Firm in Document Workflow and Cost Recovery Case

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