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The JETvarnish 3D Web delivers exceptional print enhancement value to the label market. The JETvarnish 3D Web allows label printers to go digital for Spot UV Coating and Embossed Hot Foiling without dies, screens or expensive tooling on narrow webs up to 420 mm/16.53''.
The JETvarnish 3D Web is designed for both 2D (flat)/3D Embossed Spot Coating over flexo, offset or digital web-fed printed output. Hot Foiling can be added with glamorous metallic and colored foils to embellish label designs. A digitally finished label by the MGI solution provides eye-catching sensory enhancements and dramatic tactile sensations that brand owners are looking for to distinguish their products in the marketplace.
The JETvarnish 3D Web also has an inline flexo station that applies a pre-coating treatment to label substrates not originally planned for inkjet processing. This elegant, flexible solution offers a great compatibility advantage to label printers who use a diverse range of printing technology (digital, offset or flexo).
The JETvarnish 3D Web gives extra added-value and sensory dimensional textures to printed label output. The 100% digital technology provides quick prototyping, short run customization flexibility and the ability to use variable data for personalizing text & graphics on every piece produced.

Roll-to-roll Finishing
Printing SpeedUp to 42m/mn (depending on application).*

*speed will vary according to printing parameter used.
Supported Web WidthsFrom 100 mm (3.93‘‘) up to 420 mm / 16.53‘‘
Finishing WidthThe maximum image width is 405 mm / 15.9‘‘
Substrates TypesFrom 50 up to 400 microns (µm)*
• Coated, uncoated and textured paper, film or label
• Self-adhesive labels
• White or transparent synthetics, PP, PE, POPP, PET
• Light cardboard/folding carton
• Shrink film : PVC, PETG

*confirm substrate compatibility with MGI.
Wide CompatibilityCompatible with the overall web-to-web printing technologies. narrow web digital presses and the traditional offset or flexo narrow web presses.
RegistrationThe JETvarnish 3D Web is using a built-in revolutionary registration system. It is using a SmartScanner coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AIS) to free up the operator from make-ready duties.
Real-time fully automated registration process.
Unwinder• Maximum roll diameter capacity: 850 mm / 33.4’’
• Standard inside core diameter: 3 inches
• Maximum roll weight: ±120 kg / 264 lbs
UV Flexo StationAn integrated flexo station for full size sleeve coating in rotary. This station is used to apply a UV
protection varnish or primer prior to finishing. The module comes with an UV dryer.
The station is equipped with an anilox cylinder.
Additional anilox cylinders are available as upgrade options.
Spot UV and Embossing StationThis station uses MGI award-winning inkjet technology for producing Spot UV Coating. Any defined label area can receive Spot UV Coating with or without raised 3D texture effects.

A simple grey level TIFF file designed by Prepress controls the surface area and the thickness of the
varnish applied over the printed roll. This 100% Digital process eliminates traditional plates, screens and dies.

• Varnish thickness
From 7* to 232* ?m of varnish thickness (from 2D flat coats to 3D raised effects).

• Inline curing
The unit is equipped with UV dryer and a cooling drum for optimum web temperature control. The curing sequence also includes a special forward and backward roll motion to dry each label and eliminate waste between runs.

• UV Varnish
Gloss varnish 99 GU.

*confirm substrate compatibility with MGI.
Hot Foiling StationThe hot foiling station adds luxurious effects and brand value to label and packaging products. Any defined label area can receive digitally-controlled foil with or without raised effects.

A simple grey level TIF file designed by Prepress controls the surface area and the definition of the foil applied on the printed roll. This 100% digital process eliminates traditional dies, plates and screens.

Foil application can be bypassed when not necessary.

Foil rolls
• Foils are delivered on rolls:
- Foil widths from 100 mm/3.9‘‘up to 420mm/16.5 ‘‘
- Foil roll core diameter: 1’’ and 3’’
- Foil lengths from 400 m / 1,310 ft up to 2,000 m/6,500 ft
• Up to 3 simultaneous foil rolls in the width.
RewinderServo-motorized unit
• 850 mm/33.4’’ maximum roll diameter capacity
• Standard inside core diameter: 3 inches
• Maximum roll weight: ± 120 kg/264 lbs
OptionsCorona substrate treatment module
In-line system made to optimize varnish adhesion on complex printed substrates.

Variable Data Printing
• Manage and edit files on the workstation.
• Full variable data (text, graphic, image) for both 2D/3D Spot Coating and Hot Foiling areas.
• Integrated barcode (1D/2D) reader system & controller.
• Raster Image Processor (RIP) as an option.
Printing Press Compatibility ListNarrow Web Printing Presses
• Digital
- Konica Minolta Accurio Label
- HP Indigo WS4500
- HP Indigo WS6800
- Epson
- Xeikon
- Durst
- etc.
• Offset
All manufacturers and technologies : UV, H2O or WATERLESS
• Flexo
All manufacturers and technologies : UV or Water base
Dimensions & WeightUp to 11.85* x 1.58 x 1.81 m
Up to 38.88* x 5.18 x 5.91 ft (L x w x h)
1 meter / 3.3’ clearance required on all 4 sides
Weight: ± 4,447 kg / 9,804 lbs

* speed will vary according to printing parameter used.
Technical Requirements400 V - 3Ph
240 V - 1Ph
Dry air compressor (oil-free): 8 bar / 102 psi - 24m3/h / 6 cfm

Language Title Download Link
English MGI-Brochure-JETvarnish-3D-Web-FR
French MGI-Brochure-JETvarnish-3D-Web-UK

Product Applications

Self Adhesive Labels - GOLD

(Self adhesive label using digital hot foiling and embossing.4-color using a webfed litho press.

This label contains variable data using spot coating and hot foiling.

Self Adhesive Labels - SILVER

Self adhesive label using silver foil and 3D effect (75 microns). Silver foil and 75 micron raised effect.

100% Digital label using exclusively MGI JETvarnish 3DW.

Self Adhesive Labels - GOLD

Self adhesive label using digital hot foiling and embossing. This label was produced exclusively using MGI JETvarnish 3DW & iFOIL

This label contains variable data using spot coating and hot foiling.

Product Awards

2016 EDP Award "Best Label Printer Finishing Solution”

MGI Digital Technology was honored by the announcement of the European Digital Press Association (EDP) that its JETvarnish 3DW/iFOIL W has been awarded the “Best Label Printer Finishing Solution” in the Annual Digital Print Awards for quality and innovation in technologies for the digital printing industry.

The EDP Association was founded in 2006 by six trade magazines with the main editorial focus on digital print and production. Now the EDP Association counts 20 member magazines all over Europe, covering 26 countries and reaching more than half a million of readers in Europe.

2016 Leadership in Innovation Award - by DuPont Packaging Innovation Program

MGI Digital Technology has received on May 16th 2016, the first “Leadership in Innovation Award” ever issued by the internationally respected DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation Program. The official press release issued by DuPont stated “As a result of ground-breaking, cutting-edge excellence in the packaging marketplace, judges awarded a new Leadership in Innovation Award to MGI.”

“The MGI entry was noteworthy due to its future forward approach to digital package decoration.” said David Luttenberger, CPP, Global Packaging Director, Mintel Group Ltd. USA.

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